Game 1

Rafting the Scenic Rouge River

Game one started out with Ken (a river guide), Evan (a paleontologist),and Brandon’s(a psychiatrist) characters rafting the Rouge River. The group awoke to find Rick, the river guide’s assistant missing.

Downstream they found a ravaged campsite and encountered Thomas, playing a time shifted detective from the 1890’s, chasing a museum thief by the name Dakota Chevrolet. Evan and Thomas saw the anomaly, but no one else did.
In Agness, further downstream, they arrived to find the town close lipped and less than friendly, especially when they mentioned what they had found. The townfolk, fearful of losing the tourist trade if word of “bear attacks” spread, cut off all communication with the outside world until the situation could be dealt with.

During the early morning, Thomas and Evan went out and found an anomaly, and a dinosaur.
Battle was done. Ken joined, together they got the dinos back in the anomaly (mostly).
Brandon hid bravely in town. A dinosaur showed up in town and knocked stuff around. Seeing that he couldn’t just let the townsfolk face this danger alone, Brandon hid harder.
The next day while continuing down to Gold Beach, the group was intercepted by James Lester, head of the Anomaly Research Center (ARC) in the UK. Mr. Lester offered them employment, they accepted.

Mr. Lester secured them a 7500 sq ft old hangar, wedged between the bay and the Gold Beach Airport. The group was outfitted with a generous array of vehicles, a medical team and substantial startup financing.


WRC Base in current form.

Game 1

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